10 Photos That Describe The Struggle of Being A Newbie In A ‘Strong Choir’

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Remember how you were bragging to everyone how you would never get involved with your church choir or with any type of singing either? Remember however how quickly you simply collapsed to your feet and gave in the the moment you heard that totally awesome church choir or corale group? Well even if it did not happen that way for you, here are ten moments almost every new individual experiences in a choir.

1.The first time you hear the choir sing in church or at an event


I must join them today! today!

2. How fear grips you when you hear the superstar voices around you.


3. How you sing the first few weeks of rehearsal


Don’t worry, I am singing inside

4. Your reaction when you hear you are done with probation.


Now I can shine

5. How you feel during your first performance with the choir


I am finally fulfilled

6. That moment when a person nudges you for singing a wrong note


What is doing this one?

7. How you disturb neighbours and family members now that you are a chorister.


8. That moment you are given your first solo


Hi Haters

9. When your crush in the choir finally recognizes you exist


10. Now that you are a full time member, you have start dealing with the stress of rehearsals


But it’s all worth it. lol

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  1. Hahahahaha…
    10 things indeed. And they’re absolutely true.
    Nice one Choral Hub

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