Hymn Of The Day: We Plough The Fields

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WBIazkBB9K4] This well-known harvest hymn might appear to come from the English countryside, but it has rather different origins. It is the “Peasant’s Song” from a sketch by Matthias Claudius in Paul Erdmann’s Fest (Hamburg, 1782), depicting a harvest thanksgiving in a North German farmhouse. It was based upon a peasants’ song which he […]

‘Drugs And Drinking Problems’ Addictions That Derail Many Classical Musicians

Addiction is blighting the lives of many classical musicians as they grapple with performance anxiety and antisocial hours, a cellist has said. Rachael Lander features in a Channel 4 documentary that brings together classical musicians whose careers have been derailed by drug and drink problems. The cellist, who was addicted to alcohol and prescription pills, […]