“I was never okay with being average and wanted to do things differently” – Uche Aghulor

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We recently caught up with promising Nigerian classical music act Uche Aghulor (Uche Gold). She is a Nigerian Soprano who has graced many stages in the country and is currently a voice major in the MUSON School of Music. In our chart with her we get down to the business of performing while she lets […]

Five Timeless Christmas Pieces You May Likely Come Across This Year

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The Christmas season is upon us and many choirs around the world are probably up in arms and rehearsing vigorously for their upcoming carols. So we decided to put together five Christmas pieces that we think might make the setlist in Christmas carols and concerts this year.   And The Glory This piece of amazing music […]

Vocal Classification: Busting The Myth

Soprano? Alto? Treble? Tenor? What does it all mean? Does it really matter if you belong to a specific vocal part in a choral group? Should you be worried that your choirmaster or choral director keeps speculating when it comes to your voice classification? Maybe. Just maybe. The need for polyphonic texture back in the […]

Have You Ever Heard Of Musical Performance Anxiety? Here’s How To Get Over It

  All musicians have experienced that moment before a performance or audition where they can’t breathe, have butterflies in their stomach, feeling light headed or weak, dry-mouth, negative self talk. These physical symptoms are all as a result of doubt before performances. Another name for this is Musical Performance Anxiety. How does one get over […]

10 Photos That Accurately Describe The Wahala Involved In Preparing For A Choral Competition

Everyone brags about being ready for the tough rehearsals ahead 2.Often times they are out to avenge a former loss We go kill them this time 3.When the choirmaster announces the days of rehearsal. Yeepaaaa!!!! 4.How rehearsal looks like at the beginning. Where is everyone? 5. The constant state of the choirmaster all through every rehearsal. […]