Black And Proud! Take A Look At Black Composers and Musicians in Classical Music History [Part II]

Francis Johnson Francis “Frank” B. Johnson (1792-1844), a Philadelphia bugler and band leader, was the most popular black composer in the pre-Civil War United States.  He published his first work, “A Collection of New Cotillions” in Philadelphia in 1819.  Johnson’s band soon became the leading musical group for social events and marches in the region. […]

Female Vocalist Of The Week: Aretha Franklin

This weeks vocalist is none other than the Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin. She is a powerful diva who is emotive and technical in her delivery. According to Diva devotee her Vocal Range: 3.5 G2- E6 (approx) is just phenomenal. Check out two songs of the legend below. [youtube] [youtube]