Tips On Making Your Vocal Chords Absolutely Awesome

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As a singer your vocal chords is your most important instrument. Here are some few tips on how to keep your vocal chords and your voice in tip top shape.

  1. Have Regular Exercises:

As a singer your vocal warm ups are very important. There are various videos you can find online how to go about good vocal exercises. A major benefit of regular vocal exercise for musicians is the muscle memory that comes from putting your cords through the same patterns and movements repetitively. Find time regularly to practice your vocal exercises.

  1. Always Stay Hydrated:

Taking a lot of water is said to be beneficial to the health of every human and most importantly it helps the vocal chords stay lubricated which in turn help you sing well. Singing is a product of the mucous membranes of the body, and these function best when they’re adequately hydrated. It is advised that a singer takes at least eight glasses of water a day and this can help keep your throat lubricated and your voice remaining clear.

  1. Lay Off The Cigarettes:

Sorry if you are big fans of the white stick, but you need to drop that bad habit ASAP. It’s not about your cancer or any other health issue. The point is your throat and your lungs get irritated when they are repeatedly exposed to the irritants and particles in smoke.

  1. Always Use Enough Air:

Taking in enough air and breathing deep from the diaphragm is very important for anyone who sings. This is essential to making your notes resonate. You can find tutorials on how to breathe from the diaphragm online. Practicing breathing exercises can help develop much control over the sound produced as well as stamina. Importantly this also helps you sustain longer notes for a greater period of time.

  1. Silence Is Golden:

Silence helps the voice rest. Speaking or singing for too long makes the voice start to get rough and scratchy. Finding time to let the voice rest is very helpful as singers develop their music stamina. Take how long you feel necessary, just make sure you get prolonged voice rest to make sure your voice good.



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